vendredi 15 février 2013

Beams Plus Collection Printemps / Eté 2013

It's time to take you to the otheExplainr side
The side you gotta watch your A&E cable television for homie
But we live this shit
I'm not a star, well that's a lie
I seen a man raise his hand on the stand he testified
Spoke on a homicide amongst other things
Even share my triple beam dreams

Johnny Rain - Lullaby of Machine

I know it's early in the morning
But I'm tryna hear you moaning
In my zone
And I'm so horny, if you're horny
We can do this through the phone
Girl let me know
Visions of our backseat love
I'm having visions of our backseat love

dimanche 10 février 2013

Cool Driver #16 : Honda Motocompo

Its not a big motorcycle
Just a groovy little motorbike
Its more fun that a barrel of monkeys
That two wheel bike
Well ride on out of the town
To any place I know you like

First gear Honda !
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