lundi 8 octobre 2012

HUMAN MADE Automne/Hiver 2012 Collection

I introduce BAPE to the world, 400 nigga out fast
Favorite group White Stripe, R. Kelly, Kanye and Outcast
A R&B producer, I was sittin on the shelf
A Ralph Laurenic nerd then Noreaga gave me help
But my samples wouldn't clear, and I couldn't rock a wig
And they didn't have pimp cups, and dancin wasn't my gig
But shoulder brushin, blazers and trucker hats I did
And the only niggaz I ain't work with was Tupac and Big

On ne présente plus Nigo, créateur génial de A Bathing Ape et de BBC/Ice Cream avec Pharrell Williams. De la boutique Nowhere au géant du streetwear que l'on connaît aujourd'hui, il est l'homme de tous les succès. Bape revendu il y a quelques années à un groupe chinois, Nigo s'est lancé dans une nouvelle aventure il y a deux ans avec la marque Human Made. Pus confidentielle et plus personnelle que sa précédente marque (Nigo est un passionné de vintage), Human Made tire son inspiration du workwear américain, Levi's 501 et autres vestes M-65. Résolument vintage, les articles de la collection ont été produit par la maufacture Warehouse, spécialisé dans la confection de répliques de pièces vintage, pour les allergiques des friperies et des secondes mains.

Voici donc un aperçu de la nouvelle collection Human Made. Plus étoffée que les précédentes, on retient surtout le duffle-coat court, la parka aux poches de couleurs et les t-shirts. Pour finir, voici l'interview de Nigo réalisée par I-D Magazine. Une occasion de connaître un peu plus un homme plutôt discret.

How do you take your coffee?
Black. I put sugar in bad coffee, though.

Can you tell us your deepest vintage-scavenging secret? 
I don’t really have any. I have been doing it for more than 30 years… Perhaps that’s the secret.

How does hunting for vintage in Japan differ from London?
 I can’t say I’ve ever really done it in London. Not in a serious way. I am mainly looking for US vintage so I find the best selection in the US or Japan.

What do you like most about Japan? 
Pretty much everything is available here and the food is good!

What do you like most about London? 
There are so many things… I am not such a frequent visitor these days so I focus on typically British things like Savile Row.

Dawn till dusk, tell us how you like to spend a typical day when you’re visiting London? 
Sadly I’m not there often enough or long enough to have a typical day. But I tend to try to do the same things when I am in town. I usually have some bespoke suits or shoes in various stages of completion and I usually do a few fittings to keep that process moving forward – since my visits are infrequent and unpredictable I am probably a nightmare customer! I like to get vegetarian take-out from the Grain Store on Portobello Road (is it still there!?), I must have been getting lunch there since some of the first times I visited London. Those kind of things give you a chance to think about everything that’s changed and all the things that haven’t over the years. Since refurbishing the London BAPE store I have been going to BBR across the road from the shop for dinner. Leonid always looks after my guests and me very well.

Your archive is on fire and you could only save item what would you grab and why? 
For a collector, I think there is only one answer to this question: if I can only have one item from the collection then it’s better to let it all burn.


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